Friday, December 11, 2009

Hope Runs - An initiative by us, Success depends on your Support

What is what & what we can do?

Days passes by, years passes by and we never changes. What have i earned? Nothing, absolutely nothing other than some paper with some figures in that. If it was all about those paper with figures, i dont need to be civilized. I can earn that in a simples & easier uncivilized way. When i am different from others, what am i doing for others? Am i doing anything good? No, nothing significant.

Thoughts are crawling into my mind like Viruses, I am sinking in the deep Ocean of thought. Past 27years i just lived life according to me, but that ain't true. Think about people who don't have anyone, leave grown up's think about Kids. What about them? Some of them are born Orphans, how they live? What all tortures they face. A major threat for a child is Sexual abuse. Why it happens? No answer, Some may be maniacs, some may find it as a way of entertainment. Some find it as a way to get thrills and satisfaction. Yeah! These ain't thoughts in my mind, these are facts which are related to Child Sex abuse. Eradication of poverty is important, but what about this? This is worse than poverty. A child who faces bad things in his young age can turn out as a disaster or a total failure for the system.

Facts and figures about child abuse
  • NSPCC research shows that a significant minority of children suffer serious abuse or neglect:
    • 7% of children experienced serious physical abuse at the hands of their parents or carers during childhood.
    • 1% of children experienced sexual abuse by a parent or carer and another 3% by another relative during childhood.
    • 11% of children experienced sexual abuse by people known but unrelated to them. 5% of children experienced sexual abuse by an adult stranger or someone they had just met'.
    • 6% of children experienced serious absence of care at home during childhood.
    • 6% of children experienced frequent and severe emotional maltreatment during childhood.1
  • 16% of children experienced serious maltreatment by parents, of whom one third experienced more than one type of maltreatment.2
  • Latest available figures show that there are 32,700 children on child protection registers in the UK as at 31 March 2003.3
  • Nearly 79,000 children are currently looked after by local authorities in the UK.5
  • Every week in England and Wales one to two children will die following cruelty.6
  • There are on average 80 child homicides recorded in England and Wales each year.7
  • Every ten days in England and Wales, on average, one child is killed at the hands of their parent. An average of 35 a year over the past five years.
  • The people most likely to die a violent death are babies under 1 year old, who are four times more likely to be killed than the average person in England and Wales.9
  • Three-quarters of sexually abused children did not tell anyone about the abuse at the time, and around a third still had not told anyone about their experience(s) by early adulthood.10
  • Over a quarter of all rapes recorded by the police are committed against children under 16 years of age.11
  • 31% of children experienced bullying during childhood, a further 7% were discriminated against and 14% were made to feel different/an outsider. 43% experienced at least one of these things during childhood.12

That is just some facts which i got on a simple google search. Collecting these ain't great, but what can we do for eradicating this? There are ways to prevent this, but who is there to take initiative? Organisations like this need people ready to help them. Hoperuns is a movement started against the child abuse.As the name states, this is about people who runs marathon for the cause of child sex abuse.Harish Iyer a friend of mine is running  for ARPAN in the Mumbai Marathon on 17th January, 2010 to support Arpan's work on preventing child sexual abuse and healing it’s ill effects.

This is the site address: 

We are not working for collecting money for this marathon, we are trying to make maximum people aware of this sad fact, the animal behaviour shown towards innocent small kids. 

Today's world money can be made easily in different ways, whereas human security is very less. Child sex abuse can happen with any child, its not just about Orphans, but anybody can be a victim of that. 

Today's kid's are tomorrow's Heroes, we want them strong & brave.

Let us do something good other than just working & earning money. 

My humble request to all is to help us in this initiative in whatever you can.

 Please check or join thr facegroup with the same name or follow us on twitter.

Your support & donations may help many kids.

Going Back to the Past - A reality

Why on earth is it like this? What on earth is happening here? Why why why, but why me?

Dont worry, things are fine, but these sentences are always there in my mind & i think the same might be happening with everyone else also. The country which is famous for its Rich & Varied heritage, it is going back to its Old state i think. Olden times when Kings wanted a kingdom for their name sake & show their Freaking attitude, It's back. Instead of King's we can see the elected memebers or So called Social Servents or normal term Politicians doing this.

To become a ruler, they ain't creating a Kingdom, but toring apart a State. The trend seen for past 2 days is People want their states torn into pieces depending on the Caste, Creed or a Selfish plan of becoming a ruler. Nobody is thinking about the power, beauty & Strength of becoming a single state. They want things to be divided, Where are you folks? Wake up & do something. If this thing keep on happening, then India will be again into its pre-independence Stage, someone will come & invade India.

My country which was divided in a planned manner is again getting torn into bits & pieces. Not all people wants this, but the upper lot wants. For the privileged upper lot who never pay taxes & lives a luxurious life using the Tax paid by all Hardworking people. What is the value of a common man? Is it that he is supposed to pay taxes to government & buy things at double rate & Vote & sit silent and watch the innovative ways in which common man is getting tortured?

The countries where taxes are levied, they do provide facilites or services. Country like OZ have good roads, proper drinking water, financial help for jobless people, good roads, safety for their own citizens.What about us? What are we getting from the amount paid as tax? Some torn roads, Costly petrol, Increase in cost of commodities & government wasting Crores to protect a Terrorist?

This post is not a post of Frustration, but the feelings of every common man in India. The highly skilles & talented lot of India is preferring to live in other countries not because of money, but because of a satisfactory life, where even a single common man has got his own Rights. We do have human rights, but on papers.

Wake Up people..Dont let the useless people to tear a countr & play their Game of Chess with our lives & money...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Children's Day

November 14th, Children's day, People are celebrating this day by making their kid's happy. There are several programs organized for kids in different parts of the country. All kids who are having their parents & financial stability get a chance to celebrate or utilize the day. What about those poor souls who don't have parents or parents who are financially stable. Who takes care of them other than God? Is God arranging them a children's day celebration? Money, power & manipulation are the keywords of celebrations. People who are not having atleast one among these has no chance to celebrate.

I have never celebrated children's day other than the programs arranged by my school people. My parents preferred helping those poor & needy children than entertain me or my brother. Being a middle class family, we weren't big shots, but they had a mind to share whatever they can & they did that with poor kids everytime. For my parents everyday was children's day because they used to feed 1 or more than 1 poor child.

Since when did people started wishing "Happy Children's Day"? How many of us know the purpose & reason behind children's day? I am sure that not everybody will be able to answer this or may be atleast many people forget's this. Irrespective of this fact, how many of us have the child in us alive? Most of us work or study & prefer running for the career goal, that is our ultimate goal, but to celebrate or wish children's day this is not enough. We need to make sure that we are doing somthing different which is helping atleast 1 child to make out children's day wishes come true.

What have we dont for kid's? In our country where the economy is still growing & corruption & Controversies being the king & queen, what are we doing for our Kid's? Nothing other than some animation films. Even there are no efforts taken to abolish child labour or kidnapping or child prostitution. We are living in the Cyber Age & people prefer watching child porn, Is this something good for our kidz? Is that all we can give a kid in our country? I love my country, but it has lost its charm.

Being a child for many years & i believe am still a kid for my parents, i prefer doing something good for atleast a single kid. There are many ways to do that, but we need to find time & initiate it. Am not sure about how many people reads this blog, but whoever reads, please make sure that you can atleast Happy today. That is the best children's day wish you can give to any kid in the world. BE IT YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE'S.....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Birthday present

40years of internet & still years & centuries to grow. Internet is the best discovery which had changed the world, its look & feel. Still how many internet users talk positive about it? 1 , 2 or more? This post is for all cyber world enthusiasts & for the great Internet itself. I don't know how many people are aware of the fact that 29-10-2009 was INTERNET'S 40th Happy Birth Day ..

Two strangers who share their stories, experiences and spend their time together Virtually in the real world. Thanks to social networking & cellular phones. A social networking junkie & a gorgeous lass met in the cyber world. Accidental interference & introduction. Different mindsets & different thoughts converging to become one & then they start conversing. Once a conversation starts it can keep on going non-stop, You are never short of subjects or topics and then they are friends. Mr.Junkie is going to be away from the cyborg & there comes an unexpected cell number. Well, that keeps their friendship alive..Keep in touch on the move, yaay! Cellular phone. Back to the real world, junkie back to cyborg and they keep on communicating. What made them communicate with each other. Why they are friends when they are two strangers in physical? Friends, not every friends communicate with each other. There are some relationships which can never be named. The positive part of Online relationships, when some one becomes friends, they talk freely. They find it better to talk to a soul, than talking to a physical body. Mind is beautiful, it can't be controlled or seen easily. When two people with same kind of mind meets, they hardly care whether that person is a stranger or not. Depends on the way people talk too..

Whatever i wrote above wasn't a story, but answer to a wrong mentality of people. People use internet & they use it for different things. Be it good or bad, business or pleasure there should be some kind of safety & precaution to be taken. No security software can protect people from online relationships or fake friendships. There should be some kind of common sense, atleast some way to understand people. It's a instinct & everybody does have it, but hardly anyone uses it. Social networking sites & chats are the common way where strangers become friends & later thie virtual friendship becomes real & then there are two endings, happy or sad.
Now endings depend on us, what kind of relationship with whom & what is our friends. If we take the basic precaution of not getting cheated, then online friendship is never bad, instead that will be better than the real time relation. People who are friends online knoe each other better than the real life people, may be we should change the old saying "Marriages happen in heaven" and make it as
"Marriages should happen online"...Internet is the only place where people got time for others. This is a bare fact in this new century. People spend more time in internet than in real world.."Jaago Duniya Jaago...Surf Karo Aish karo" ...

Whatever happens happens for good, so let us take this as the best part..

Dedicating this Post to "Internet" as a small gift for 40th birthday of Internet or Cyber world..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday Musings

Days & weeks are passing by, Hours flying, Every single minute is important, so are the decisions. What are those decisions?

Well, Being a man, a Bachelor who lives a not so planned life, am totally unaware of what to do in life other than my career. People often bring the most controversial discussions sometimes, but that sounds like a wastage of the youth. Why is responsibility sometimes a burden? Why is it that there is not much difference in everybody's life?

The thin air filled with dust & smoke & the dirty drains is a routine scene instead of meadows & beaches & sunsets. Sun & moon & the stars are more like a beautiful scene while compared to the closed walls, the computer screens, airconditioning & sophisticated people around running around for living.Evenings are never beautiful when u r working in evenings & mornings you don't see because you need to sleep.

My wishes, ambitions & thoughts are not in the same direction, but i wish it was. New friends, they are all around me, but in a virtual world. There is someone whom am i thinking about seriously these days. Friend or More than a friend, that is the person who got trust in me even without seeing the stranger on the other side of the window. I find that person as the best person whom i have been talking to in reality & sharing the smallest to largest happenings. What is that make us talking, discussing, sharing? The riddles in life are so complicated better stop thinking.

Random thoughts do come sometimes, like now, i never wakes up early on sundays, that too at 6am, then make a cup of tea, post a thought, this is aint what happens usual. This is kinda good Though.

Unforgettable pasts & old memories, Most unforgettable friends are there for every single person. Some are still unaswerable questions in life & i dont even give a damn try to answer tham, its better to let life run & we run with it & here i am living life like any other stupid common man.

Things to do:

Sending Good Morning Messages to Friends
Start my Tea drinking exercise.
Breakfast? err still need to think about this part.
Reading something useful (Trying to get used an old good habit which i lost)
Random things to do
Washing the junk & clothes
Cooking lunch

Oh! Holy Cow, THis never happened, am not writting this, Waking up early in a sunday can cause things like this....
Have a Happy Sunday with lots of smile

Monday, August 17, 2009


Sometimes we feel to communicate, but we are not supposed to communicate. We loose ourselves & our freedom. Why ? All for food, future, money. Freedom of speech is something which is not applicable to all. It is denied to some people now also. Some people expresses their feelings by writing & think about a rule which is denying it? A kid who makes a castle in the beach side & is doing the finishing touches. He had spend a large amount of energy & creativity in that castle. But think when somebody shatters his dreams by destroying the castle, Cruelty , Madness. A man who wanna communicate or express & being denied to do that, A man whose cry for help shouldn't go out. This is the New World Order. We have to follow rules, policies etc to keep some body's Interest, someones business running. Welcome to the system, a system which is designed for the good of mankind which is later manipulated & converted into a system which follows wealth rather than happiness & a system which runs for its own. Once u r inside this, the only way to get out is to break it & run away. Nobody can alter it. Sadness, despair & frustration filling the void, humans still living as slaves & calls it corporate life. Why Why Why?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

insomnial congestion of haunting memories

Confessions of the past
The things I did & i didn't
The moments i lived & i wasted
The days smiled & i cried
Lost in thought and lost in time
why i did this & why didn't
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
Sinking in the silence inside me
I took a heavenly ride
late realisations of a rebirth needed
Killing the past & diving into the future
Coming back to Life in the present
Live & let me live, gundown the memories

Memories & days , can they bring the same sweetness?

Twitter is the new world where i am having some tweople to talk with & some tweople wo feels me that i also got something in me. Well, afta the worst turn in my life, now am kinda okay, can live without thinking of al those past. Had a nice Nets session today. I was able to bowl some quality overs, with good line & length & was able to see that i am gaining confidence. Batting wasn't much of a problem till now. Bowling & fielding one needs to be extra fit though. Came home after nets thinking about the blue sky & clouds will help me sleep well, with some showers. Had a bath & yeah aunty called me.
Forgot to tell that she fell & got a hairline on her hand so i usually make sure that she is fine & since doc is one busy person & my folks like me doing it this way. Aunty was telling ablut food items & easy & better cookable things etc. I love this, when my mom is not here, she s more like a mom to me & then the worse thing happened. Darkness & evil came, Smoking & Drinking 2 subjects which i don't like to discuss came in & i was ignoring most of the questions.

I don't know why people asks such questions to me, Most of those questions come in like a googly & it will neither touch the stump, nor your bat. It will keep circling around the batsman. Somehow i escaped from there & Went back to my bunker.
It is pretty hot, have to sleep in a room without Ac at a temperature of 40+, I ddint have any option. Soon i can see all blue back groud, sea, forest & am driving . The landscape was so beautiful that i was enjoying that while driving more than anything else. Suddenly someone came infront of the vehicle & had to break...Oh! Crap that was a dream, my roomie came to wake me up, had to interiew one lady for the post of servant. Well demand was high, still negotiated & appointed. She joined work & was doing things pretty good. Thanks to aunty for arranging that maid.
Again i have to go back for the drive, but the landscape changed & i was running like crazy. people behind me with guns & swords, again i woke up just before getting shot. Thank God! this will be the 453th time am escaping from a bullet in dream.

well two days back, i got a call on my office phone & my colleague said that one girl called & she was asking for me, i was pretty sure about who that was, but i didn't call back though. Evening i woke up & went out had a tea & came back with roomie. I got a missed call & it was one of my old & trust worthy friend. She was the one who called on my office phone too. I dont knoe why, but wheneva she calls i becomes happy, mabe because she is a chillax type & good friend & we got some things in similar. Spoke with her, she was in shiridi, so asked her to pray for me too. :D
is it spring again? Well, its upto me. Decisions which needs to be taken carefully & after thinking. Lemme see, what happens nexxxt....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rights Of An insomniac

Being an Insomniac, I wanna publish my rights & i very particular about them. I will Fight for them wherever, however & whatever way possible.

The Rights of an Insomniac

1) Right to stay awake - We will never sleep in the night.
2) No one should question about what activity we are doing in night (Freedom to kill time)
3)An insomniac wil be having many doubts & queries, leave him/her alone, they will come up with answers one day.
4)Right to Tweet & flicker aorund the Cyborg - No one should disconnect or Cancel or ask us to switch off the Life saving Computers & threaten us to Sleep
5)Coffee or Coffee making facility will be an added right for us.

I hereby Declare that the above declared rights being an insomniac for all insomniac should be adhered to & followed with due respect.

Well, that is my first Documentation .

Monday, June 22, 2009

Confessions of an Engaged Mind: Black Side of Kul

Had been talking to a friend & suddenly he came up to the marriage subject. Well he is going to get married, so he was trying to contradict about how expensive & sick marriage is.
For the live effect am putting the conversation down here;

Am putting some live dialogues here :
by kul
Kul:"is liye main shaadi bhi nahi kar raha tha "
Kul:"if i get one opportunity i will run away from anythign called marriage - i hates such binds"
Kul:"i really dont beleive I am going to spend lakhs on marriage
Kul: and become a bonded labourer"
Me: "i will love to see your wife shouting at u & hitting & making u sleep on the garden because of coming late "
Kul: "i know - on some days murders should be allowed, i will go mass murders and restart my life "
Kul: "like hindi i will kill myself, fake killing and change my name go to hawaii or some islands spand rest of my life without anybody bothering me"

Kul, hope u liked this & u won't be killing me. :D

The day that begin with an End

If i got angry at u, the one & only reason was my feelings, it got nothing to do with your actions..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A day that made me think..

Another day passed by with nothing special. Lazy day sleeping throughout, troubled sleep. It so hot here that sleeping has become the most difficult job. Still somehow i managed to complete 8hrs. :) Awake & yeah chances of rain, but winds took that away. It drizzled like a kid peeing. 
Office Office Office..Nights in office, had been doing this for past 2years & like wokring in night. betta exposure, calm, peacee of mind & better productivity.Started researching on something & would come up with the result soon. 
 The plan for vacation trip is on the run & yeah all ma cousins are planning to come down. Am getting addicted to Twitter badly, got it on ma phone too, deadly...

When will the God Format Earth & come with a new OS? Will i be ther then?

We are hurting her too much & yeah, we are supposed to face something bad, really bad. if Airfrance came down because of Tropical storms, its we who made it like that, Global Warming..
Well i think its time to go home & get some sleep, because am writting too much crap...Another holy day , hopefully i will get sleep..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Am back afta a break, why a break?

Its quiet sometime since i have been here. I found a new place to freak out, Twitter. That is awesome. Real time, informative& creepy. :P My condolensces to those who lost near & dear in Airfrancee disaster.

Been a busy week with shopping for mom & other things. Been to 4 temples yesterday, unbelievable, is it me or not? I dont knoe what will happen once she returns to hometown, Am getting used to her too much now. For the past 5years i was alone or with friends & now 1 month ha chnged me much. 
Met new people, neighbours actually, never knew a beautiful girl stayed next house. :P 

A week of technology releases Microsoft's Bing & google's Squared.

Checked both, Bing is just like Google, i felt bing is bettet in search results, more organized Alas google squared is aired today. That is another brilliant google effort, needs many improvements. Some searches am getting sick results...

For example: "Why"
This term gave me some vague result about resources, i dont how that is the one & only squared result. May be i am yet to study this thing.

Well, many more works & Viruses are crawling. Be ware of them. Am getting many im's from friends which are Spam ad's related to weightloss...hmm guys you all are spammed....Booooo! 

Time to go home, work is over. Will go home, watch some TV, news probably or Dicovery or NatGeo or Ap...Have the bed tea from Mom & sleeeepp..Yay! sounds good to me...tempting..
Enuff for now.. i need to move now...

Good Morning Fellaaaaaaaaasssss! have a nice Day ahead.....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ich Hast Für mich

After a long interval am back into blogging. Well inbetween i was playing around with tweets. That has become a new trend. Just like facebooking & orkutting, people are busy sending & replying tweets. One world which is crazy about all crazy things. Yay! it is fun though, Recently it happened that a friend of mine asked me about twitter. Itold him what it is, but was not able to tell him why people liked it. 

Blogging is better than tweets, but on a wide perspective where people like things to be small & compact in todays world twitter is good. Insteas of lengthy sentences like this, we can write a One liner.. &  Yo that can be beautiful. Moreva all the Page3 people are into Tweets.

Well, i heard even google is tryig out something for twitter.

Am the One who s In trouble

Well, when you got your folks staying with you it's fun, But when you cna't spend some time with them, then it is sick. That is the it ain't a place to write the facts. One Saturday morning, as usual after the shift went for the cricket match  & was back at home> plenty of work to do, From where to start & where it will end..

Well started cleaning house, washing sinks & toilets & getting shaved & yeah that is eve. Some hours to go & then they will be here. Went out for purchasing some unavoidable useless things., came back & yeah book the cab. !hour left & i should be starting a different life. 
One fine saturday turned my life like a Flipper. Folks came to stay with me & me & my roomies had to burn our ass off to get things done. 

3more days without gas & atlast Sirji did the magic. :) Well now i got altleast things which can run a small family. Guys getting settled is a matter of 20 or 30k, but the hardwork needed to reach there is worth millions. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TII [This Is India]

Another day of work & sleep, That is a tuesday. Tuesdays are a little more better than sundays...For every bachelor after a particular age, their days get counted. The sad fact which make others realize that they are gonna loose their bachelorhood & need to become a family. The pressure is worse than that of a batsman who needs to take 12runs in 2 balls. Well there are no permanent solution for this other than snooking, just give some unusual reason & be away from your family. That too how long?

i fear how God managed this when he was a bachelor? He also might have suffered this. Need a new policy where there shouldn't be pressure from family members...

Enuff of bullshit...let us think about some thing serious? How many of us had spend the life in a well planned way & how many has enjoyed it like enjoying life, rather than spending their time fighting & earning & saving money & atlast getting screwed by tax people. WOW! March is coming...Time of tax payers too cry.

In a constitution like India where there is a system which doesn't have anything good for the comon man other than a "Chaltha hain" policy. Where a common man's life has no value when compared to an old building or a Tycoon's life. Things make me mad, don't wanna belive in this system.

I would like to go & live either in Amazon or in Estonia. I saw the pics of estonia from a friend of mine, beautiful small country with very less people. Building which have stories to say about their childhood. The place looks beautiful, somewhere near sweden. Hopefully there would be a better life.

Wednesday has  started & is coming with a good news of India winning the one day match against Srilanka, that too 3rd consecutive win in the series. WOW! Kudos to u guys...
Have a Nice Wednesday

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, Monday , Saturday, Sunday,....

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!

Well another day of the week over, 3 more to go excluding today..WOW! the weekend should be good.
Monday went off without much problems other than the usual food thingy..Sad though, normal..

Some of my Proposals: 

1) Why did God make Monday? After Sunday it should be saturday again & we will be able to party...There should be atleast 2 working days in a week & the rest weekends...

2) There shouldn't be any compulsion on tax for people below 50years...

3) No compulsion to work otherm No restrictions at work....

4) No compulsion for marriage...

Well, don't remember anything more, will update as soon as i get something new...

I think Tuesday has started, that's y am releasing my frustration writting this...


Hola What a day? After say many months, i woke  up early & came to office in the morning @ pam. That is something opposite to my schedule. Am never used to wake up  & come to office in the morning. Normally i work in nights, Today day looked Ok with things going smooth in office. 

After a hard & heavy weekend party...Back to work on monday without Monday  blues, that seems bombastic. Surprise visit by manager & usual work things & new things & meetings, Suddenly remebering about my old plan..

Well a year back, i started blogging. Wanna be an avid blogger, but nevaa used to get hang of it..My mind is a roaming servce, i do things & i won't follow them. The last & latest dropout was twitter, Started that on the time of Mumbai attack to get updates, but it seems interesting.

As usual my weekends in chennai are never good. I lost my weekend thrill leaving pune. Now for more than 6months, i just go out & meet friends just for the sake of socializing. Earlier used to go biking & travel lots...Here that is impossible..Not much options..

Well seems like monday is over @ 6pm & In another 2hrs my work wil start...Work is what entertains me in chennai..

Am gonna Blog soon on something better..about Hard Rock & next bangalore trip..