Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ich Hast Für mich

After a long interval am back into blogging. Well inbetween i was playing around with tweets. That has become a new trend. Just like facebooking & orkutting, people are busy sending & replying tweets. One world which is crazy about all crazy things. Yay! it is fun though, Recently it happened that a friend of mine asked me about twitter. Itold him what it is, but was not able to tell him why people liked it. 

Blogging is better than tweets, but on a wide perspective where people like things to be small & compact in todays world twitter is good. Insteas of lengthy sentences like this, we can write a One liner.. &  Yo that can be beautiful. Moreva all the Page3 people are into Tweets.

Well, i heard even google is tryig out something for twitter.

Am the One who s In trouble

Well, when you got your folks staying with you it's fun, But when you cna't spend some time with them, then it is sick. That is the it ain't a place to write the facts. One Saturday morning, as usual after the shift went for the cricket match  & was back at home> plenty of work to do, From where to start & where it will end..

Well started cleaning house, washing sinks & toilets & getting shaved & yeah that is eve. Some hours to go & then they will be here. Went out for purchasing some unavoidable useless things., came back & yeah book the cab. !hour left & i should be starting a different life. 
One fine saturday turned my life like a Flipper. Folks came to stay with me & me & my roomies had to burn our ass off to get things done. 

3more days without gas & atlast Sirji did the magic. :) Well now i got altleast things which can run a small family. Guys getting settled is a matter of 20 or 30k, but the hardwork needed to reach there is worth millions.