Sunday, October 17, 2010

21ways to avoid Blood Shed in Sholay & solution for Gabbar Issue

Discalimer: Whatever written is my views and ideas about a movie, irrespective of however big that movie is..Read only if you can bare, Kthnxbai.

Well, Sholay is one of my favourite movies. Today also i watched it and the same will happen next time also if it comes on the television. After watching sholay so many times, i got a feeling now that i could have done something to avoid blood shed & end up Gabbar issue.

Gabbar is one of those Classic Old school villains with a unique style, but same passion as any other bollywood villain. That way there were several opportunities where gabbar could have been caught easily.

Let us take a look at it now:

1) Asrani - The famous jailer, Gabbar should have been put in his jail. Smartness of his Intelligence Units will make sure that Gabbar will never leave.

2) Surma Bhopali - The then Business tycoon. Money is one thing that he cares for & If someone has informed him the Bounty Offered for Gabbar's head, he might have used his business brain to Catch Gabbar.

3) Jai & Veeru -If they had show loyalty to their job, then they can be part of Gababr's Ganag undercover.

4) Insulting Gabbar- Thakur should have never insulted a respectable thief like gabbar,  His arrest and all if kept confidential, then Thakur will be smoking with his own hands now :D

5) Real Estate- Gabbar should have been given some ideas about real estate so that he might have stopped looting and might be a Real Estate Mafia head now.

6)Underworld - Gabbar should have been made Father of Underworld (Godfather).

7) Games - Thakur should have planned for a Ramgarh games & made Gabbar the organizer which might have solved all the problems.

8)Swayamwar - The best war tactic is to introduce a lady into the scenario, create some chaos about the marriage, a competition and Game over-Gabbar's caught.(Rakhi should be the bride)

9)Basanti - She could have tried seducing and cheating Gabbar by letting police catch him.

10) Reality Show - The song Mehbooba Mehbooba shows Gabbar's love for art and artist. Thakur could have produced a Reality show and made Gabbar the judge.

11) Twist- If viru had tried line maroing Helen instead of Basanti, Gabbar might have stopped eveything and might have become like devdas.

12) Bad selection - Thakur should have selected two girls instead of Jai & viru to make things easy, Like bond movies.

13) Weapons - Could have tried using some kerosene and burnt gabbar on the mehbooba song.

14)Party - Thakur could have organized a party on Holi(a pool party) & invited gabbar to it..The rest is simple..Infront of alcohol there is no difference between Thakur and gabbar. Equality comes & so is Peace.

15) Politics - Thakur could have involved politicians and ended up gabbar, the way they deal with all gunda's .

16)Bigboss- Let me put this straight, inviting gabbar into Bigboss is pretty simple and get his ass kicked there  is much more easier.

17)Drug overdose- Lots of celebrities have died over Drug over dose, Basanti could have used her brains to achieve this target.

18) Dance India Dance - While Basanti was dancing, she could have made Gabbar dance with her & Keel him in between the dance. (part of the plan)

19) Soaps- Thakur could have invited gabbar to his house & make him watch Ekta Kapoor's Soap. Gabbar will end up in suicide.

20)TII - This is India, there is 574265725786257867976 ways to kill gabbar, without giving him even chance to Think.

21) Gabbar the otherside - If they have made Maniratnam to direct that movie, then Gabbar must have been a hero & no violence. Yes that's what i am talking abt..

They gave the movie Direction to the wrong man, Deifnitely wrong director.

Well, after watching Sholay for the zillionth time, these were the crazy ideas which came to my Mind...May be i shouldn't have watched it again :D