Sunday, July 11, 2010

A letter from an Addict

In a beautiful green environment, we never feel sitting at home and surfing the web. Instead we go out for a walk or enjoy the environment. When you are having option of Polluted traffucked roads and cement sky scrappers only, what will you do? That is when human's go behind their instinct's. The instinct which they got since when the human race began, hunting for options or making new options. This is the origin of Social networking or living online. Going to mall or going to pubs or disco's are also some options. But finance plays a spoil sport in the latter ones, where as surfing web is always best option for people who want to stay at home, don't want to spend much money. Internet in India is much cheaper than the common commodities here, while compared to early years. In a virtual world, where you can use an name or ID and surf, chat with people, do shopping, play some environment friendly(or so called) games, do some farming. Be the head of the Crap Mafia and more. Forgot to mention, the latest one i noticed is MAYOR. This is the latest update which is getting trendy. Internet or Social networking sites are places where some people fulfill their dreams, some people release their frustration, some find their life partner's, some do business and while some others use it for learning and more..

I will say, neither this world is mad, nor the people: but the system and the less choices they get make them live in Virtual reality.

Some of the famous terms on virtual world is Blogger's, twitterer's, facebooker's, buzz, Wave and the notorious of the online community The Orkutiya's. If this is the people part, then there are some famous keywords which had become part of everyone who surfs net. Google, Tweet, Update, Follow-Unfollow, Scrap, Wall, comment, Like-Dislike,fan,testimonial,DM,hashtag, Farmville, Crop, Ribbon, Vampire, Mafia and latest and most trendiest as per me Mayor.

Internet was considered as a sophisticated thing some years back, but what made the revolutionary change? Is it people / broadband? Neither, it is innovation, Social networking is one of the most important innovation. Now a decent social networking site is not just your place for fun, but if used in the right way can be a place for earning and living. Or you can use it for ad's , selling, buying , promoting your product(music, band's) etc. A poll on any of the social networking site will give you the statistics about your question and the result is "Directly from the people". Directly from the people means, a unfiltered group of people. It can be a closed or an open group, depends on what kind of result we are expecting.

On the other hand,Social networking has become the favorite playground by hacker's, malware specialists and spammers. These people use Social Network as the best way to communicate as well as to send infections. This is like a Coin, with two ends. In my words "For every good innovation, there is a worst Infection waiting". Consider ourselves, all of us are mortal's and we know one day we will die. But we are not afraid of that. Likewise, Social networks may be vulnerable and infectious; but staying away from them or not using them is never a solution. Instead use them, savor them and feel the taste. This can be a new passion or a new way of living.

It's all about Options, We got infinite number of options. how and when to use them is what we should learn. If we learn that, then Social networking is the best.

Addict :)

PS: My friend's says that am addicted to some social networks, even though i dont think am an addict:P