Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A dawn in the Dark

Time 4:30am                                                                                                        Place: Chennai
I am in my office terrace with a cup of coffee. There is no sign of daylight. Infact it is dark. Somewhere i have read "There is a day when darkness will fill the atmosphere & we will die for fresh air" this is what came to my mind after seeing the surroundings. Even the dawn will look ugly. You won't see the Sun's rays, We wont be having clear visibility. Everything will be abstract, everything fades. I am dying for fresh air, not able to breath in this dawn. Where has all the Fresh Air gone? What is it that is causing smoke? Came out of my office surrounding and understood that everywhere it is the same. it is not just in my office compounds, Its everywhere. All over. Everyone is having the strange look on their faces.

Well this is not a joke, not even a scene from the recent movie 2012. This was the scene in chennai today early morning. The reason was SMOG. This is not a natural phenomenon, but something created by Humans. Bhogi Smog, Today people here are celebrating Bhogi and this is the result of their celebrations. Bhogi is celebrated a day before Pongal & people burn all the wastes on this day. Due to the excessive burning, the smoke filled the atmosphere and it was causing the choking effect and low visibility.

Festivals are to celebrate and old traditions are to be followed, but i think it should be in an environment friendly way. The burning of these things to be done in a way that it won't become a nuisance for any one. The Smog today has even caused for delay of Flights because of low visibility. This might have put several travellers into trouble. Why to celebrate hurting environment when we got ways to celebrate in a environment friendly way. Let us hope that this Bhogi / Pongal is the last one celebrated this way & by next time, we will celebrate in a echo friendly way.

India is the land of Colours, Colourful Festivals and rich and varied traditions. But we keep forgetting about our Mother nature & the environment and surroundings. Let us make this place a beautiful place, let us be more environment friendly& Let us celebrate...

My prayers & condolence to all Haiti Victims.
Happy Pongal to all...

Monday, January 11, 2010

A proclamation, a Thought

Today a sudden thought came into my mind. I am thinking about keeping this space more active & lively. So you will be seeing more posts. Yes i mean it. I am planning to write a post everyday. let this be my journal, my diary, my dreamland whatever you call it. There is no promise about the level of insanity or stupidness which can be seen in the posts. I am finding this as a good place to post my thoughts & you will be seeing more posts on various topics. Help me out with your comments & suggestions.I hereby declare that whatever written above is the random thoughts & decisions taken by a man without a plan.

 See me, here me, Know me...

Aadiozz..Good Morning & A nice Day to all who reads this...

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Game of Life

Now a days either am thinking too much or am under some kinda immense pressure which even am not aware of. Was thinking about a new post which is still under construction. for the time being, my crazy mind & my rather freak style is writting which is victimizing this Zone. Yeah! i wrote something now,, Dont know what category it is..Somethings which felt in mind

Life is drifing, away from me
A moment of agony, a moment to think
Drifting down the lane, no control
Where it goes and why it goes?

Questions and negotiations, am loosing myself
Like lost in Some mathematical puzzle
Nothing i can do, nothing i can think
Happiness is all others want, why mine?

Perceptions and imaginations leading to dreams
Those Dreams which are crawling into my head
Eating my free traveling thoughts
Why me? why not Set me free?

Serenity and peace are drifting away from me
Answers is what am struggling to find
Why commitments, why no freedom
Let me live, Set me free

Reality,culture, custom & relationship
Somethings which came without our knowledge
The Gods whom we never worship, still they control us
The rule makers of game who makes me think

What if you loose? What if you win?
What you gets? Why you have to play?
The game of life, playing since birth
Wherever it ends, leaves no answer.

A puzzle or a riddle ridiculous at times
A question without answer
A thinking exercise, a game
An experience, a feeling, a notion that you are alive..Lifee