Sunday, December 26, 2010

Another Year, Another Wish. Welcome 2011

Life is full of suspenses and surprises
A collection that can be called incidents
Incidents which come from coincidences
Strange acquaintance or accidents
Some of them are good & some bad
When taken collectively for the year
All 365days every minute every second
Becomes memories for the year and
The beginning of a every new year
We are only left with these Memories
Memories of life, for the span of a year
We could only wish things be good
And this year as the year ends and
A new beginning awaits, let us wish the same
A prosperous, joyous, Healthy and safe Newyear...
The clock is ticking , so is the heart...
Wishing all my friends a Happy Newyear

Sunday, October 17, 2010

21ways to avoid Blood Shed in Sholay & solution for Gabbar Issue

Discalimer: Whatever written is my views and ideas about a movie, irrespective of however big that movie is..Read only if you can bare, Kthnxbai.

Well, Sholay is one of my favourite movies. Today also i watched it and the same will happen next time also if it comes on the television. After watching sholay so many times, i got a feeling now that i could have done something to avoid blood shed & end up Gabbar issue.

Gabbar is one of those Classic Old school villains with a unique style, but same passion as any other bollywood villain. That way there were several opportunities where gabbar could have been caught easily.

Let us take a look at it now:

1) Asrani - The famous jailer, Gabbar should have been put in his jail. Smartness of his Intelligence Units will make sure that Gabbar will never leave.

2) Surma Bhopali - The then Business tycoon. Money is one thing that he cares for & If someone has informed him the Bounty Offered for Gabbar's head, he might have used his business brain to Catch Gabbar.

3) Jai & Veeru -If they had show loyalty to their job, then they can be part of Gababr's Ganag undercover.

4) Insulting Gabbar- Thakur should have never insulted a respectable thief like gabbar,  His arrest and all if kept confidential, then Thakur will be smoking with his own hands now :D

5) Real Estate- Gabbar should have been given some ideas about real estate so that he might have stopped looting and might be a Real Estate Mafia head now.

6)Underworld - Gabbar should have been made Father of Underworld (Godfather).

7) Games - Thakur should have planned for a Ramgarh games & made Gabbar the organizer which might have solved all the problems.

8)Swayamwar - The best war tactic is to introduce a lady into the scenario, create some chaos about the marriage, a competition and Game over-Gabbar's caught.(Rakhi should be the bride)

9)Basanti - She could have tried seducing and cheating Gabbar by letting police catch him.

10) Reality Show - The song Mehbooba Mehbooba shows Gabbar's love for art and artist. Thakur could have produced a Reality show and made Gabbar the judge.

11) Twist- If viru had tried line maroing Helen instead of Basanti, Gabbar might have stopped eveything and might have become like devdas.

12) Bad selection - Thakur should have selected two girls instead of Jai & viru to make things easy, Like bond movies.

13) Weapons - Could have tried using some kerosene and burnt gabbar on the mehbooba song.

14)Party - Thakur could have organized a party on Holi(a pool party) & invited gabbar to it..The rest is simple..Infront of alcohol there is no difference between Thakur and gabbar. Equality comes & so is Peace.

15) Politics - Thakur could have involved politicians and ended up gabbar, the way they deal with all gunda's .

16)Bigboss- Let me put this straight, inviting gabbar into Bigboss is pretty simple and get his ass kicked there  is much more easier.

17)Drug overdose- Lots of celebrities have died over Drug over dose, Basanti could have used her brains to achieve this target.

18) Dance India Dance - While Basanti was dancing, she could have made Gabbar dance with her & Keel him in between the dance. (part of the plan)

19) Soaps- Thakur could have invited gabbar to his house & make him watch Ekta Kapoor's Soap. Gabbar will end up in suicide.

20)TII - This is India, there is 574265725786257867976 ways to kill gabbar, without giving him even chance to Think.

21) Gabbar the otherside - If they have made Maniratnam to direct that movie, then Gabbar must have been a hero & no violence. Yes that's what i am talking abt..

They gave the movie Direction to the wrong man, Deifnitely wrong director.

Well, after watching Sholay for the zillionth time, these were the crazy ideas which came to my Mind...May be i shouldn't have watched it again :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CWG and a Techie

Disclaimer: Am not a news fan or TV addict & Twitter is the place where i check all headlines.

I don't watch TV much and when i watch i watch Football or racing or Nat Geo or Discovery or some movies. These all are random. Many times it happens that TV will be working and i will be busy with my laptop. A person like me for whom TV is more of a random entertainment, i watch news in office cafeteria since that is the only channel played here. Now news means, it is always chaos by the media / news channel. Instead of reading a simple news, this news channels discuss it in a way for months and make it a trending topic even if it is not worthy. Earlier i used to like the shows on news channel where they used to conduct some good debates, now it is more like a megaserial, with a different story every day rather than a continuous one.

Past some months i have reduced going to the cafeteria due to the main so called controversial news which was supposed to be a good news for us. yes some years back when i heard that common wealth games is coming to India, i thought India will be hosting a world class event soon. Time passed by and some months back, i start hearing about common wealth games. The scary part of the story was that, the amount of money spent on the games. When i heard about the budget, the first thing which came to my mind was the tax paid by me in the last year. I became happy, atleast my small contribution is also there in the games and so my mind started saying "This should be one of the best events". Later i realized that nothing much was done with the amount i heard. Instead news they started showing the way they had organized things at double cost and a major scandal fuming. News became a Scary dream to me.

For a person like me who is not so close with the news channels or in my words, i would like to watch tv to relax, so not much news channels this became kind of bugging.Whatever media you read or watch, the first thing which you can see is our Nation's name and those hardcore criticized comments. What is my role in all this? I never tried to disgrace my country or my people. Why am i also included in this? As an Indian every single Indian is "not - so" lucky to get a bad credit for the shame created by Politicians and bureaucrats and media who exposed it and made it a hype. The news which was there in the national news dailies started becoming headlines of International dailies.

I can say not just the media, but we gave this negative publicity knowingly or unknowingly. When each of us tweeted about this event(CWG) with hashtag(CWG) this started becoming important. Soon this became a trending topic worldwide. Now medias across the world use twitter for news and suggestions/feedback's from people or giving updates to people. The negatively trending topic that we created became a topic of discussion all over the world. We got freedom of speech, but when we talk about something happening to our nation and that too in a bad way especially in internet, we should alway's think about the after effects.

I am not blaming anyone in this post, i am blaming myself for whenever i used a #CWG hashtag, i did a wrong job. If politicians and bureaucrats did some dirty job, we did market it knowingly or unknowingly. Let us be more careful with public forums like twitter and discussions here on. India is our country & being an Indian we are responsible to show a positive picture of India. Take a small leap, Let it make a Difference.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twitter Infected- A new Security Flaw which has Infected Twitter

I never wanted to write again and again about a social networking site or a micro-blogging site, but once again Twitter is what made me write this.
 Twitter user's who tweet or reply to tweet or whoever clicks on the twitter webpage will see an error message page, which is a third party page.

Twitter is hacked and the hacker had a script injected into it that whoever click on twitter's Web interface will be taken to a totally different website like below.

The reason for this is a script which is getting executed on mouse click like below:

In the above image you can see a script. The hacker has kept the Font to the maximum pixels size and on mouse over the script executes which takes u to a different website without your consent. This is a new security flaw on twitter.

Better to change the password when you login next time and when you find the site is working fine.
Please don’t click anywhere on twitter until u see the above script ie “Latest: “style fonet=9999999999px” http:\\u002f\\u002ffl9A7” near your update box .

Monday, August 16, 2010

Why are we even Independent?

Chennai has given several awesomely funny experiences.This story is based on a true life incident.
Disclaimer: The names or keywords used here are as per my views, bare it.

As usual, i woke up and started M49 chase. My day begins with M49 . Contrary to normal, the pilot has changed. It was pretty crowded and i found a place to park myself. Things were Okay until i heard the Pilot yelling. He was yelling to some other pilot. The issue here was someone overtaking through left side. The pilot looked innocently cruel like the Hollywood villain. Age will be above 50 & he is not at all happy with this word. Now what is my fault in that. 45 mints of journey and that too in a crowded bus. Oh! I forgot to specify one thing, am traveling in a bus and since i travel in bus, all drivers will be renamed as Pilot.

The bus was so crowded and passengers were hanging on the doorstep and half of their body is outside the bus. Still the Pilot was not at all concerned about all this. He was more focused in driving the bus Zig-Zag when someone comes through left side. Now there is some problem on passengers side too, i accept that. But morning time all people will be going to office, school, college etc. The public transport is a good option, one way reduce traffic and reduces pollution.

If the people who travel by public transport start using their own vehicle, then i think there won't be enough space on Chennai roads even to walk. People who are traveling in the public transport is playing with their life at times. Not just inside, even people who are using other vehicles are afraid of the City bus and the way they drive. No one is concerned about how a Govt bus is being driven, not even the police. Here i have seen many times that city buses ignore red signal and this causes confusion. Still no action is taken against them.

When the Govt has started city bus service for voter's or citizen's to travel, does it mean that the city bus Pilot never need to follow traffic rules? Why is it that Govt is never concerned about how things work, after they start something? The amount invested on these resources is very big, but maintenance and the way these things are used is pathetic. I think, this is the same case with almost all Indian cities.

Everywhere the tax payer's money is used by govt. The tax payer has to pay and use all these services, i ain't cribbing. But the politicians never had to pay for any of these services and now they re going to get a salary hike. If this is what is going to happen in this country for some more years, then definitely we will be able to see empty M49's. India is not short of talents or skilled employees, but all of them preferred to have better life living outside India, even if it is little more costly.

I am a person who loves my country and is proud about it. But our leaders may force me to run away from here.....
Oh! Its time to sleep now, Need to catch my M49 tomorrow early morning...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A letter from an Addict

In a beautiful green environment, we never feel sitting at home and surfing the web. Instead we go out for a walk or enjoy the environment. When you are having option of Polluted traffucked roads and cement sky scrappers only, what will you do? That is when human's go behind their instinct's. The instinct which they got since when the human race began, hunting for options or making new options. This is the origin of Social networking or living online. Going to mall or going to pubs or disco's are also some options. But finance plays a spoil sport in the latter ones, where as surfing web is always best option for people who want to stay at home, don't want to spend much money. Internet in India is much cheaper than the common commodities here, while compared to early years. In a virtual world, where you can use an name or ID and surf, chat with people, do shopping, play some environment friendly(or so called) games, do some farming. Be the head of the Crap Mafia and more. Forgot to mention, the latest one i noticed is MAYOR. This is the latest update which is getting trendy. Internet or Social networking sites are places where some people fulfill their dreams, some people release their frustration, some find their life partner's, some do business and while some others use it for learning and more..

I will say, neither this world is mad, nor the people: but the system and the less choices they get make them live in Virtual reality.

Some of the famous terms on virtual world is Blogger's, twitterer's, facebooker's, buzz, Wave and the notorious of the online community The Orkutiya's. If this is the people part, then there are some famous keywords which had become part of everyone who surfs net. Google, Tweet, Update, Follow-Unfollow, Scrap, Wall, comment, Like-Dislike,fan,testimonial,DM,hashtag, Farmville, Crop, Ribbon, Vampire, Mafia and latest and most trendiest as per me Mayor.

Internet was considered as a sophisticated thing some years back, but what made the revolutionary change? Is it people / broadband? Neither, it is innovation, Social networking is one of the most important innovation. Now a decent social networking site is not just your place for fun, but if used in the right way can be a place for earning and living. Or you can use it for ad's , selling, buying , promoting your product(music, band's) etc. A poll on any of the social networking site will give you the statistics about your question and the result is "Directly from the people". Directly from the people means, a unfiltered group of people. It can be a closed or an open group, depends on what kind of result we are expecting.

On the other hand,Social networking has become the favorite playground by hacker's, malware specialists and spammers. These people use Social Network as the best way to communicate as well as to send infections. This is like a Coin, with two ends. In my words "For every good innovation, there is a worst Infection waiting". Consider ourselves, all of us are mortal's and we know one day we will die. But we are not afraid of that. Likewise, Social networks may be vulnerable and infectious; but staying away from them or not using them is never a solution. Instead use them, savor them and feel the taste. This can be a new passion or a new way of living.

It's all about Options, We got infinite number of options. how and when to use them is what we should learn. If we learn that, then Social networking is the best.

Addict :)

PS: My friend's says that am addicted to some social networks, even though i dont think am an addict:P

Monday, June 7, 2010

Life of Jack: A story of a Gentleman

Happiness is not a season, it is a moment. There will be various reasons for a person to be unhappy. Mr. Jack is not at all an unhappy person. Jack always likes to be in a state of Trance. To attain Nirvana or state of Trance some people do consume some C2H5OH, but for Jack it is not needed since he is made of that. When in nirvana, he is the happiest and make sure that people around him also is happy. Now why Jack? What is his significance here?

So one day, as usual jack was resting on his favorite place in Singapore. Its late night and people are around. Jack likes people around, especially people confused in buying things and saying those good comments after seeing him sitting. The looks on their faces, it says "i want everything , but i don't want to pay for any of them". The classic human nature in a way, to dream about getting things free of cost.

Jack saw a man rushing and in another moment, All he can see is darkness. There is no light, nothing is visible though he can hear people speaking. The man on the counter speaking about Dollars and offers. What about the gentleman who came rushing? Why was he rushing, this thought made jack little confused. After sometimes, he realized that he is on an aeroplane, flying to some country. All this is happening without his consent. He is missing all the fun around. He is missing his friends Johny, Constantine, Brown, Evan etc.

The plane landed and Jack is still not free. He is worried of where he is taken. The state of no freedom surrounded by darkness is bad. He is in a car now, he is moving towards some unknown location. The car stops, he can hear the driver talking in some strange language. Some unknown , never heard language. "Now where am i" Jack tried shouting, but his voice never came out. Jack can feel someone carrying him. He tried peeping out, but he was not able to move. May be jetlag. The person carrying him has put him down. The question was Where am i and who took me here? Why? Jack knows, there is no answer for this question, he has seen many of his friends being taken away, but no one ever asked their permission. They also must have had questions like him. This was a known fact to him, Life is not immortal, it is going to get over sooner or later. But he never expected it to happen this soon. he remembered once johnny telling him the story of someone taking his cousin by mistake and dropping him home later.

Where has the darkness gone, how come there is a light. Now jack can see that he is sitting with some strangers. They are talking in some strange language. He never heard this language, may be Italian Mafia? No they are talking in english at times, their dialect is no where similar to Italian. Suddenly Someone Kicked Jack on his back. He can feel the power of the shot, moving his Disc. Jack tried crying loudly, his voice is not coming out. Those people are tearing his head and they are taking blood in glasses. Jack can feel his limbs getting light & darkness embracing him. He can't feel the pain anymore. Last thing he heard was "Cheers" and its all over. Now Jack knows why the gentleman was rushing. He bought him and now Jack will be staying in their intestines for them to attain Nirvana.

The life of Mr. Jack Daniel's is over here. A gentleman who lived as a king loosing his life in 25years. Yes This is the life span of a Jack Daniel's bottle. He was treated like a King for 25years and one fine day his life Ends. Still he is the King, King of all Whiskey's, Jack Daniels. born in Tennesey

For all Jack Daniel's lovers :P