Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Twitter Infected- A new Security Flaw which has Infected Twitter

I never wanted to write again and again about a social networking site or a micro-blogging site, but once again Twitter is what made me write this.
 Twitter user's who tweet or reply to tweet or whoever clicks on the twitter webpage will see an error message page, which is a third party page.

Twitter is hacked and the hacker had a script injected into it that whoever click on twitter's Web interface will be taken to a totally different website like below.

The reason for this is a script which is getting executed on mouse click like below:

In the above image you can see a script. The hacker has kept the Font to the maximum pixels size and on mouse over the script executes which takes u to a different website without your consent. This is a new security flaw on twitter.

Better to change the password when you login next time and when you find the site is working fine.
Please don’t click anywhere on twitter until u see the above script ie “Latest: http://t.co/@ “style fonet=9999999999px” http:\\u002f\u002fis.gd\u002ffl9A7” near your update box .

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