Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CWG and a Techie

Disclaimer: Am not a news fan or TV addict & Twitter is the place where i check all headlines.

I don't watch TV much and when i watch i watch Football or racing or Nat Geo or Discovery or some movies. These all are random. Many times it happens that TV will be working and i will be busy with my laptop. A person like me for whom TV is more of a random entertainment, i watch news in office cafeteria since that is the only channel played here. Now news means, it is always chaos by the media / news channel. Instead of reading a simple news, this news channels discuss it in a way for months and make it a trending topic even if it is not worthy. Earlier i used to like the shows on news channel where they used to conduct some good debates, now it is more like a megaserial, with a different story every day rather than a continuous one.

Past some months i have reduced going to the cafeteria due to the main so called controversial news which was supposed to be a good news for us. yes some years back when i heard that common wealth games is coming to India, i thought India will be hosting a world class event soon. Time passed by and some months back, i start hearing about common wealth games. The scary part of the story was that, the amount of money spent on the games. When i heard about the budget, the first thing which came to my mind was the tax paid by me in the last year. I became happy, atleast my small contribution is also there in the games and so my mind started saying "This should be one of the best events". Later i realized that nothing much was done with the amount i heard. Instead news they started showing the way they had organized things at double cost and a major scandal fuming. News became a Scary dream to me.

For a person like me who is not so close with the news channels or in my words, i would like to watch tv to relax, so not much news channels this became kind of bugging.Whatever media you read or watch, the first thing which you can see is our Nation's name and those hardcore criticized comments. What is my role in all this? I never tried to disgrace my country or my people. Why am i also included in this? As an Indian every single Indian is "not - so" lucky to get a bad credit for the shame created by Politicians and bureaucrats and media who exposed it and made it a hype. The news which was there in the national news dailies started becoming headlines of International dailies.

I can say not just the media, but we gave this negative publicity knowingly or unknowingly. When each of us tweeted about this event(CWG) with hashtag(CWG) this started becoming important. Soon this became a trending topic worldwide. Now medias across the world use twitter for news and suggestions/feedback's from people or giving updates to people. The negatively trending topic that we created became a topic of discussion all over the world. We got freedom of speech, but when we talk about something happening to our nation and that too in a bad way especially in internet, we should alway's think about the after effects.

I am not blaming anyone in this post, i am blaming myself for whenever i used a #CWG hashtag, i did a wrong job. If politicians and bureaucrats did some dirty job, we did market it knowingly or unknowingly. Let us be more careful with public forums like twitter and discussions here on. India is our country & being an Indian we are responsible to show a positive picture of India. Take a small leap, Let it make a Difference.

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sagar V said...

what worst has to be done is already being done..now it is our duty to save the reputation of our nation....and punishing goons(kalamadi co.)after the games are over..