Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day: Save Water

Water is the most valuable resource and the most passionately contested.Water is one among the five elements as per Hinduism.Water is a colorless, odourless liquid which is inevitable in this Universe. All living beings need water to live and sometimes Water causes Death too.

Today is World Water Day. Save water is a motto that we should make practical rather than saying it. Instead of wasting water by keeping the taps at your home/office/street open, remember to close them after use. But these are just basic things, What about polluting Rivers and Sea's? Why there is no plan to stop? There are many organizations who are fighting against pollution and still nothing happens. It is sad to see the natural resources being converted into the Waste Dump-yards. This is the case of Rivers all over our country.

These organizations have a limitations, what about we the people? Are we ever trying to do something to protect these River's? Whom should we blame for all this? We the human's, so called Sophisticated and Intelligent lot. Our experiments and greed for money are one reason, we are constructing new Sky Scrappers by filling the small rivers. I have seen this scene in places like cochin.

People are complaining about scarcity of water and many of them are paying/per litre of water they drink. How ironic it is, You have Water sources lakes, rivers, oceans, You Destroy those and later on You are paying for whatever you destroyed. Still no one realizes what they have done.

Sometimes the way this world is developing is scary. On the name of Development and luxury, we are forgetting about our nature and natural habitats. We are even suffering because of that, in different ways. Even nature had started showing its hate on us by natural disasters which is happening more often. The mother nature is hurt. We human's the most intelligent and sophisticated species is ignoring all this and living life as though nothing happened, i think this is one positive attitude of Human's, forget past and move forward.

Some Tips to Save Water:

Try to make yourself aware of Water and it's importance.
Stop wasting water in shooting Rain songs for Bollywood. Do that in a better way.
While constructing houses, try to use Rainwater storage & recycling it.
Stop constructing buildings by Filling water-sources.
Stop Polluting rivers and other water sources by dumping Waste.

One last word. Water is a natural resource, not a man made invention; Preserve it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rendezvous With a Shashi Tharoor - Chennai Tweetup

Twitter is one of the fastest and easiest Social networking platform in the world. Twitter can even be called as "The New World Order". Freedom to express & reach is what makes it unique from others. One single update in Twitter can reach millions, which includes celebrities and Top Officials and even members of Legislative Assembly.

 Me and my fellow twitterer's from Chennai were lucky enough to get a chance to have a Tweetup (twitter users meeting) with Mr. Shashi Tharoor, that too in a short notice. Mr. Shashi Tharoor is the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs. . Formerly he was the Senior Advisor to the Secretary-General of United Nations. Apart from this, he is a very rigorous writer. He had published several books and he is a columnist for many major News papers.

Someone came to know that Shashi Tharoor is going to be in Chennai and came up with the thought of having a tweet up with him. I was clueless and was thinking about ways. In another 30 mints, i got a Tweet saying, Tweetup with Shashi Tharoor, 8Pm - 10PM.

The Gentleman:
 On twitter:  @ShashiTharoor
  • A celebrity and popular twitter  639,430 Followers, Included in 3698 lists with precious 2883 tweets
  • He is the first Indian celebrity to cross the milestone of more than 1,00,000 followers on Twitter (Now he has over 6,39,430 Followers) 
Global Leadership

Shashi Tharoor was named “Global Leader of Tomorrow” by World Economic Forum  Davos, Switzerland

In 2009 Shashi Tharoor accepted the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, India’s highest honour awarded to non-resident Indians

Shashi Tharoor is the Author of 4 fiction (including 'The Great Indian Novel') and 6 non-fiction books and 2 Illustrated books
  • "The Great Indian Novel" by Shashi Tharoor won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for the Best Book Of The Year in Eurasian Region - 1991
  • In 2009 Shashi Tharoor was awarded the Zakir Hussain Memorial "Pride of India" Award and the Hakim Khan Sur Award for National Integration by the Maharana of Udaipur
For more information about the versatile personality of Dr. Shashi Tharoor as an Author, peace-keeper, refugee worker, human rights activist and now is the Indian Minister of State for External Affairs and a member of the Indian Parliament from the Thiruvananthapuram constituency in Kerala, kindly visit his website at


 A gentleman with good knowledge and a positive attitude. That is what Mr.Tharoor is. He was ready to take logical questions which can be answered rather than the political tongue twisters. He was there with us ignoring the 104Degree Fever fighting with him. With patience and pleasure he was answering the constant flow of queries. The way questions were coming in, we can understand how much respect people are having for him. He is my Idol and i will say he is the Cool dude in Indian politics. He may not be a hardcore politician, but he was a man who is ready to listen to people's grievances
and complaints and give them a solution or a better guidance. His tweets are inspirational aswell as Solutions. According to him, if used twitter is a good platform for direct queries and also conveying issues in a faster way to the authorities. Depending on how fast Internet users in India grow, this will also happen.

The session was not just a Q & A session, though it started like that, it turned out to be a group discussion. He was telling that there are lots of options for Young Entrepreneurs. Moreover he answered some questions which are kind of personal too. This was a remembarable evening in my life. I follow 2 Idols in my life. 1 is Shashi tharoor and 2nd is Sachin tendulkar. God gave me a chance to meet Mr. Tharoor. Hoping the same with Sachin too.

Some facts:

One thing was clear, controversies are created when someone answers questions unbiased. The tweetup's if kept without press and other disturbances can be a good platform to clear our doubts, especially when it comes to people like Tharoor.People say you are blessed, that is when you meet people like Shashi Tharoor, where you understand the difference between a uneducated Thug and a Educated Gentleman.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Life is Beautiful? Ain't it Ironical?

Day begins and people starts running frantically. Ican see happy faces, sad faces, angry faces and even people without an expression. Hardly i see fresh faces in the morning. All are busy, they got to go to work, they got tensions at home, the newspaper makes them angry or sad etc. None of us are happy about our life eventhough we are alive and got food to eat and water to drink, but every day we got something to complain about. Life is beautiful is Ironical at times.

 Why so Serious??

A quote The Joker said in the movie Dark knight, it is a very relevant question that joker asks. If you relate it to day to day life, the relevance increases. From the very moment we are born, we start living life, we start to adjust and compromise and learn how to deal with things. This thing continues till we die, Other than that the small happiness in life is family, friends and fun we have. This will be hardly One third of our total Living hours. An average human spent's more than half of his life working / trying to earn money. Whatever he earned, he wont be able to spend this on him, he has to spent on his family, relatives, friends, rent, mortgage and what not. Relationship is something which keeps life Cycle balanced, but when compared to a Single human being's life all these becomes burdens to. All of us are burden to each other in one way or other. May be i am wrong, but what i have seen and what i have learned is:

Work hard and earn, get married, have kids, welcome oldage, Dream about things which you haven't achieved and things you have achieved, Diseases (Optional), Wait for the Final call(Call from God), Embrace the earth.

I believe this is the life style of every human being or may be more than 3/4th of the Humans. In the end, when you look back:
what is that you achieved?
What good you have done to others?
What was the purpose of living?

Living being or Living-being is all the same.

On a day to day life, we do planning. Some do short term planning, some prefer planning in long term and some others are very clear about what they want to do and plan for their entire life.  Not all these plans gets executed and infact most of them become big Flop. But the planning phase never stops, why are we becoming Schemers? Are we happy after being a Schemer? I don't think so. May be the Almighty has Designed us in a way that we are never 100% happy about anything. This makes us the unique species.

Forget a single human, if we consider a community also there is the same problem. Caste wise, religion wise, region wise, Country wise, politically etc. But what is the outcome of this hatred which we had developed due to the selfishness?

Being the most intelligent and sophisticated species, Humans have achieved no happiness, but some way of making one self believe that "This is happiness". "Life is beautiful " is a quote which is Irony at times, i mean most of the times.

 Man vs Nature

Nature is also angry at us, the recent earthquakes and Tsunami warnings are good example. We destroyed nature to build buildings and many other things. Every time we say we achieved something, we never realized what we are loosing. Now earth is in a unstable state. The recent earth quake warnings are a very good example. "The world will come to an END" may or may not be true. But the recent happenings should be a good lesson for people to learn about some love. Whatever so called achievements we have is like an Oasis. We got a life which is undefined, it have only a Singin option and no Sign out option, unlike our Login screens. Once in you are Signed in (born) try to live life happily, find happiness in every small good deeds. Forget about your worries and try to lead a happy life. Instead of becoming a schemer planning big things and dying to earn money to make that plan happen, Live life happily, it may not be a 100% planned way, but definitely there will be happiness. Once you Sign out or your Session expires (die), then you don't have a chance to rethink.

Live life like a Man, Not like a Schemer.