Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Children's Day

November 14th, Children's day, People are celebrating this day by making their kid's happy. There are several programs organized for kids in different parts of the country. All kids who are having their parents & financial stability get a chance to celebrate or utilize the day. What about those poor souls who don't have parents or parents who are financially stable. Who takes care of them other than God? Is God arranging them a children's day celebration? Money, power & manipulation are the keywords of celebrations. People who are not having atleast one among these has no chance to celebrate.

I have never celebrated children's day other than the programs arranged by my school people. My parents preferred helping those poor & needy children than entertain me or my brother. Being a middle class family, we weren't big shots, but they had a mind to share whatever they can & they did that with poor kids everytime. For my parents everyday was children's day because they used to feed 1 or more than 1 poor child.

Since when did people started wishing "Happy Children's Day"? How many of us know the purpose & reason behind children's day? I am sure that not everybody will be able to answer this or may be atleast many people forget's this. Irrespective of this fact, how many of us have the child in us alive? Most of us work or study & prefer running for the career goal, that is our ultimate goal, but to celebrate or wish children's day this is not enough. We need to make sure that we are doing somthing different which is helping atleast 1 child to make out children's day wishes come true.

What have we dont for kid's? In our country where the economy is still growing & corruption & Controversies being the king & queen, what are we doing for our Kid's? Nothing other than some animation films. Even there are no efforts taken to abolish child labour or kidnapping or child prostitution. We are living in the Cyber Age & people prefer watching child porn, Is this something good for our kidz? Is that all we can give a kid in our country? I love my country, but it has lost its charm.

Being a child for many years & i believe am still a kid for my parents, i prefer doing something good for atleast a single kid. There are many ways to do that, but we need to find time & initiate it. Am not sure about how many people reads this blog, but whoever reads, please make sure that you can atleast Happy today. That is the best children's day wish you can give to any kid in the world. BE IT YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE'S.....

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Birthday present

40years of internet & still years & centuries to grow. Internet is the best discovery which had changed the world, its look & feel. Still how many internet users talk positive about it? 1 , 2 or more? This post is for all cyber world enthusiasts & for the great Internet itself. I don't know how many people are aware of the fact that 29-10-2009 was INTERNET'S 40th Happy Birth Day ..

Two strangers who share their stories, experiences and spend their time together Virtually in the real world. Thanks to social networking & cellular phones. A social networking junkie & a gorgeous lass met in the cyber world. Accidental interference & introduction. Different mindsets & different thoughts converging to become one & then they start conversing. Once a conversation starts it can keep on going non-stop, You are never short of subjects or topics and then they are friends. Mr.Junkie is going to be away from the cyborg & there comes an unexpected cell number. Well, that keeps their friendship alive..Keep in touch on the move, yaay! Cellular phone. Back to the real world, junkie back to cyborg and they keep on communicating. What made them communicate with each other. Why they are friends when they are two strangers in physical? Friends, not every friends communicate with each other. There are some relationships which can never be named. The positive part of Online relationships, when some one becomes friends, they talk freely. They find it better to talk to a soul, than talking to a physical body. Mind is beautiful, it can't be controlled or seen easily. When two people with same kind of mind meets, they hardly care whether that person is a stranger or not. Depends on the way people talk too..

Whatever i wrote above wasn't a story, but answer to a wrong mentality of people. People use internet & they use it for different things. Be it good or bad, business or pleasure there should be some kind of safety & precaution to be taken. No security software can protect people from online relationships or fake friendships. There should be some kind of common sense, atleast some way to understand people. It's a instinct & everybody does have it, but hardly anyone uses it. Social networking sites & chats are the common way where strangers become friends & later thie virtual friendship becomes real & then there are two endings, happy or sad.
Now endings depend on us, what kind of relationship with whom & what is our friends. If we take the basic precaution of not getting cheated, then online friendship is never bad, instead that will be better than the real time relation. People who are friends online knoe each other better than the real life people, may be we should change the old saying "Marriages happen in heaven" and make it as
"Marriages should happen online"...Internet is the only place where people got time for others. This is a bare fact in this new century. People spend more time in internet than in real world.."Jaago Duniya Jaago...Surf Karo Aish karo" ...

Whatever happens happens for good, so let us take this as the best part..

Dedicating this Post to "Internet" as a small gift for 40th birthday of Internet or Cyber world..