Saturday, June 27, 2009

insomnial congestion of haunting memories

Confessions of the past
The things I did & i didn't
The moments i lived & i wasted
The days smiled & i cried
Lost in thought and lost in time
why i did this & why didn't
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
Sinking in the silence inside me
I took a heavenly ride
late realisations of a rebirth needed
Killing the past & diving into the future
Coming back to Life in the present
Live & let me live, gundown the memories

Memories & days , can they bring the same sweetness?

Twitter is the new world where i am having some tweople to talk with & some tweople wo feels me that i also got something in me. Well, afta the worst turn in my life, now am kinda okay, can live without thinking of al those past. Had a nice Nets session today. I was able to bowl some quality overs, with good line & length & was able to see that i am gaining confidence. Batting wasn't much of a problem till now. Bowling & fielding one needs to be extra fit though. Came home after nets thinking about the blue sky & clouds will help me sleep well, with some showers. Had a bath & yeah aunty called me.
Forgot to tell that she fell & got a hairline on her hand so i usually make sure that she is fine & since doc is one busy person & my folks like me doing it this way. Aunty was telling ablut food items & easy & better cookable things etc. I love this, when my mom is not here, she s more like a mom to me & then the worse thing happened. Darkness & evil came, Smoking & Drinking 2 subjects which i don't like to discuss came in & i was ignoring most of the questions.

I don't know why people asks such questions to me, Most of those questions come in like a googly & it will neither touch the stump, nor your bat. It will keep circling around the batsman. Somehow i escaped from there & Went back to my bunker.
It is pretty hot, have to sleep in a room without Ac at a temperature of 40+, I ddint have any option. Soon i can see all blue back groud, sea, forest & am driving . The landscape was so beautiful that i was enjoying that while driving more than anything else. Suddenly someone came infront of the vehicle & had to break...Oh! Crap that was a dream, my roomie came to wake me up, had to interiew one lady for the post of servant. Well demand was high, still negotiated & appointed. She joined work & was doing things pretty good. Thanks to aunty for arranging that maid.
Again i have to go back for the drive, but the landscape changed & i was running like crazy. people behind me with guns & swords, again i woke up just before getting shot. Thank God! this will be the 453th time am escaping from a bullet in dream.

well two days back, i got a call on my office phone & my colleague said that one girl called & she was asking for me, i was pretty sure about who that was, but i didn't call back though. Evening i woke up & went out had a tea & came back with roomie. I got a missed call & it was one of my old & trust worthy friend. She was the one who called on my office phone too. I dont knoe why, but wheneva she calls i becomes happy, mabe because she is a chillax type & good friend & we got some things in similar. Spoke with her, she was in shiridi, so asked her to pray for me too. :D
is it spring again? Well, its upto me. Decisions which needs to be taken carefully & after thinking. Lemme see, what happens nexxxt....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rights Of An insomniac

Being an Insomniac, I wanna publish my rights & i very particular about them. I will Fight for them wherever, however & whatever way possible.

The Rights of an Insomniac

1) Right to stay awake - We will never sleep in the night.
2) No one should question about what activity we are doing in night (Freedom to kill time)
3)An insomniac wil be having many doubts & queries, leave him/her alone, they will come up with answers one day.
4)Right to Tweet & flicker aorund the Cyborg - No one should disconnect or Cancel or ask us to switch off the Life saving Computers & threaten us to Sleep
5)Coffee or Coffee making facility will be an added right for us.

I hereby Declare that the above declared rights being an insomniac for all insomniac should be adhered to & followed with due respect.

Well, that is my first Documentation .

Monday, June 22, 2009

Confessions of an Engaged Mind: Black Side of Kul

Had been talking to a friend & suddenly he came up to the marriage subject. Well he is going to get married, so he was trying to contradict about how expensive & sick marriage is.
For the live effect am putting the conversation down here;

Am putting some live dialogues here :
by kul
Kul:"is liye main shaadi bhi nahi kar raha tha "
Kul:"if i get one opportunity i will run away from anythign called marriage - i hates such binds"
Kul:"i really dont beleive I am going to spend lakhs on marriage
Kul: and become a bonded labourer"
Me: "i will love to see your wife shouting at u & hitting & making u sleep on the garden because of coming late "
Kul: "i know - on some days murders should be allowed, i will go mass murders and restart my life "
Kul: "like hindi i will kill myself, fake killing and change my name go to hawaii or some islands spand rest of my life without anybody bothering me"

Kul, hope u liked this & u won't be killing me. :D

The day that begin with an End

If i got angry at u, the one & only reason was my feelings, it got nothing to do with your actions..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A day that made me think..

Another day passed by with nothing special. Lazy day sleeping throughout, troubled sleep. It so hot here that sleeping has become the most difficult job. Still somehow i managed to complete 8hrs. :) Awake & yeah chances of rain, but winds took that away. It drizzled like a kid peeing. 
Office Office Office..Nights in office, had been doing this for past 2years & like wokring in night. betta exposure, calm, peacee of mind & better productivity.Started researching on something & would come up with the result soon. 
 The plan for vacation trip is on the run & yeah all ma cousins are planning to come down. Am getting addicted to Twitter badly, got it on ma phone too, deadly...

When will the God Format Earth & come with a new OS? Will i be ther then?

We are hurting her too much & yeah, we are supposed to face something bad, really bad. if Airfrance came down because of Tropical storms, its we who made it like that, Global Warming..
Well i think its time to go home & get some sleep, because am writting too much crap...Another holy day , hopefully i will get sleep..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Am back afta a break, why a break?

Its quiet sometime since i have been here. I found a new place to freak out, Twitter. That is awesome. Real time, informative& creepy. :P My condolensces to those who lost near & dear in Airfrancee disaster.

Been a busy week with shopping for mom & other things. Been to 4 temples yesterday, unbelievable, is it me or not? I dont knoe what will happen once she returns to hometown, Am getting used to her too much now. For the past 5years i was alone or with friends & now 1 month ha chnged me much. 
Met new people, neighbours actually, never knew a beautiful girl stayed next house. :P 

A week of technology releases Microsoft's Bing & google's Squared.

Checked both, Bing is just like Google, i felt bing is bettet in search results, more organized Alas google squared is aired today. That is another brilliant google effort, needs many improvements. Some searches am getting sick results...

For example: "Why"
This term gave me some vague result about resources, i dont how that is the one & only squared result. May be i am yet to study this thing.

Well, many more works & Viruses are crawling. Be ware of them. Am getting many im's from friends which are Spam ad's related to weightloss...hmm guys you all are spammed....Booooo! 

Time to go home, work is over. Will go home, watch some TV, news probably or Dicovery or NatGeo or Ap...Have the bed tea from Mom & sleeeepp..Yay! sounds good to me...tempting..
Enuff for now.. i need to move now...

Good Morning Fellaaaaaaaaasssss! have a nice Day ahead.....