Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Am back afta a break, why a break?

Its quiet sometime since i have been here. I found a new place to freak out, Twitter. That is awesome. Real time, informative& creepy. :P My condolensces to those who lost near & dear in Airfrancee disaster.

Been a busy week with shopping for mom & other things. Been to 4 temples yesterday, unbelievable, is it me or not? I dont knoe what will happen once she returns to hometown, Am getting used to her too much now. For the past 5years i was alone or with friends & now 1 month ha chnged me much. 
Met new people, neighbours actually, never knew a beautiful girl stayed next house. :P 

A week of technology releases Microsoft's Bing & google's Squared.

Checked both, Bing is just like Google, i felt bing is bettet in search results, more organized Alas google squared is aired today. That is another brilliant google effort, needs many improvements. Some searches am getting sick results...

For example: "Why"
This term gave me some vague result about resources, i dont how that is the one & only squared result. May be i am yet to study this thing.

Well, many more works & Viruses are crawling. Be ware of them. Am getting many im's from friends which are Spam ad's related to weightloss...hmm guys you all are spammed....Booooo! 

Time to go home, work is over. Will go home, watch some TV, news probably or Dicovery or NatGeo or Ap...Have the bed tea from Mom & sleeeepp..Yay! sounds good to me...tempting..
Enuff for now.. i need to move now...

Good Morning Fellaaaaaaaaasssss! have a nice Day ahead.....

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