Saturday, June 27, 2009

Memories & days , can they bring the same sweetness?

Twitter is the new world where i am having some tweople to talk with & some tweople wo feels me that i also got something in me. Well, afta the worst turn in my life, now am kinda okay, can live without thinking of al those past. Had a nice Nets session today. I was able to bowl some quality overs, with good line & length & was able to see that i am gaining confidence. Batting wasn't much of a problem till now. Bowling & fielding one needs to be extra fit though. Came home after nets thinking about the blue sky & clouds will help me sleep well, with some showers. Had a bath & yeah aunty called me.
Forgot to tell that she fell & got a hairline on her hand so i usually make sure that she is fine & since doc is one busy person & my folks like me doing it this way. Aunty was telling ablut food items & easy & better cookable things etc. I love this, when my mom is not here, she s more like a mom to me & then the worse thing happened. Darkness & evil came, Smoking & Drinking 2 subjects which i don't like to discuss came in & i was ignoring most of the questions.

I don't know why people asks such questions to me, Most of those questions come in like a googly & it will neither touch the stump, nor your bat. It will keep circling around the batsman. Somehow i escaped from there & Went back to my bunker.
It is pretty hot, have to sleep in a room without Ac at a temperature of 40+, I ddint have any option. Soon i can see all blue back groud, sea, forest & am driving . The landscape was so beautiful that i was enjoying that while driving more than anything else. Suddenly someone came infront of the vehicle & had to break...Oh! Crap that was a dream, my roomie came to wake me up, had to interiew one lady for the post of servant. Well demand was high, still negotiated & appointed. She joined work & was doing things pretty good. Thanks to aunty for arranging that maid.
Again i have to go back for the drive, but the landscape changed & i was running like crazy. people behind me with guns & swords, again i woke up just before getting shot. Thank God! this will be the 453th time am escaping from a bullet in dream.

well two days back, i got a call on my office phone & my colleague said that one girl called & she was asking for me, i was pretty sure about who that was, but i didn't call back though. Evening i woke up & went out had a tea & came back with roomie. I got a missed call & it was one of my old & trust worthy friend. She was the one who called on my office phone too. I dont knoe why, but wheneva she calls i becomes happy, mabe because she is a chillax type & good friend & we got some things in similar. Spoke with her, she was in shiridi, so asked her to pray for me too. :D
is it spring again? Well, its upto me. Decisions which needs to be taken carefully & after thinking. Lemme see, what happens nexxxt....

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