Thursday, June 4, 2009

A day that made me think..

Another day passed by with nothing special. Lazy day sleeping throughout, troubled sleep. It so hot here that sleeping has become the most difficult job. Still somehow i managed to complete 8hrs. :) Awake & yeah chances of rain, but winds took that away. It drizzled like a kid peeing. 
Office Office Office..Nights in office, had been doing this for past 2years & like wokring in night. betta exposure, calm, peacee of mind & better productivity.Started researching on something & would come up with the result soon. 
 The plan for vacation trip is on the run & yeah all ma cousins are planning to come down. Am getting addicted to Twitter badly, got it on ma phone too, deadly...

When will the God Format Earth & come with a new OS? Will i be ther then?

We are hurting her too much & yeah, we are supposed to face something bad, really bad. if Airfrance came down because of Tropical storms, its we who made it like that, Global Warming..
Well i think its time to go home & get some sleep, because am writting too much crap...Another holy day , hopefully i will get sleep..

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