Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rights Of An insomniac

Being an Insomniac, I wanna publish my rights & i very particular about them. I will Fight for them wherever, however & whatever way possible.

The Rights of an Insomniac

1) Right to stay awake - We will never sleep in the night.
2) No one should question about what activity we are doing in night (Freedom to kill time)
3)An insomniac wil be having many doubts & queries, leave him/her alone, they will come up with answers one day.
4)Right to Tweet & flicker aorund the Cyborg - No one should disconnect or Cancel or ask us to switch off the Life saving Computers & threaten us to Sleep
5)Coffee or Coffee making facility will be an added right for us.

I hereby Declare that the above declared rights being an insomniac for all insomniac should be adhered to & followed with due respect.

Well, that is my first Documentation .

1 comment:

rashh said...

i totally agree to these rules.. we shud get a legal license or sumthing ;)