Monday, August 16, 2010

Why are we even Independent?

Chennai has given several awesomely funny experiences.This story is based on a true life incident.
Disclaimer: The names or keywords used here are as per my views, bare it.

As usual, i woke up and started M49 chase. My day begins with M49 . Contrary to normal, the pilot has changed. It was pretty crowded and i found a place to park myself. Things were Okay until i heard the Pilot yelling. He was yelling to some other pilot. The issue here was someone overtaking through left side. The pilot looked innocently cruel like the Hollywood villain. Age will be above 50 & he is not at all happy with this word. Now what is my fault in that. 45 mints of journey and that too in a crowded bus. Oh! I forgot to specify one thing, am traveling in a bus and since i travel in bus, all drivers will be renamed as Pilot.

The bus was so crowded and passengers were hanging on the doorstep and half of their body is outside the bus. Still the Pilot was not at all concerned about all this. He was more focused in driving the bus Zig-Zag when someone comes through left side. Now there is some problem on passengers side too, i accept that. But morning time all people will be going to office, school, college etc. The public transport is a good option, one way reduce traffic and reduces pollution.

If the people who travel by public transport start using their own vehicle, then i think there won't be enough space on Chennai roads even to walk. People who are traveling in the public transport is playing with their life at times. Not just inside, even people who are using other vehicles are afraid of the City bus and the way they drive. No one is concerned about how a Govt bus is being driven, not even the police. Here i have seen many times that city buses ignore red signal and this causes confusion. Still no action is taken against them.

When the Govt has started city bus service for voter's or citizen's to travel, does it mean that the city bus Pilot never need to follow traffic rules? Why is it that Govt is never concerned about how things work, after they start something? The amount invested on these resources is very big, but maintenance and the way these things are used is pathetic. I think, this is the same case with almost all Indian cities.

Everywhere the tax payer's money is used by govt. The tax payer has to pay and use all these services, i ain't cribbing. But the politicians never had to pay for any of these services and now they re going to get a salary hike. If this is what is going to happen in this country for some more years, then definitely we will be able to see empty M49's. India is not short of talents or skilled employees, but all of them preferred to have better life living outside India, even if it is little more costly.

I am a person who loves my country and is proud about it. But our leaders may force me to run away from here.....
Oh! Its time to sleep now, Need to catch my M49 tomorrow early morning...