Monday, June 7, 2010

Life of Jack: A story of a Gentleman

Happiness is not a season, it is a moment. There will be various reasons for a person to be unhappy. Mr. Jack is not at all an unhappy person. Jack always likes to be in a state of Trance. To attain Nirvana or state of Trance some people do consume some C2H5OH, but for Jack it is not needed since he is made of that. When in nirvana, he is the happiest and make sure that people around him also is happy. Now why Jack? What is his significance here?

So one day, as usual jack was resting on his favorite place in Singapore. Its late night and people are around. Jack likes people around, especially people confused in buying things and saying those good comments after seeing him sitting. The looks on their faces, it says "i want everything , but i don't want to pay for any of them". The classic human nature in a way, to dream about getting things free of cost.

Jack saw a man rushing and in another moment, All he can see is darkness. There is no light, nothing is visible though he can hear people speaking. The man on the counter speaking about Dollars and offers. What about the gentleman who came rushing? Why was he rushing, this thought made jack little confused. After sometimes, he realized that he is on an aeroplane, flying to some country. All this is happening without his consent. He is missing all the fun around. He is missing his friends Johny, Constantine, Brown, Evan etc.

The plane landed and Jack is still not free. He is worried of where he is taken. The state of no freedom surrounded by darkness is bad. He is in a car now, he is moving towards some unknown location. The car stops, he can hear the driver talking in some strange language. Some unknown , never heard language. "Now where am i" Jack tried shouting, but his voice never came out. Jack can feel someone carrying him. He tried peeping out, but he was not able to move. May be jetlag. The person carrying him has put him down. The question was Where am i and who took me here? Why? Jack knows, there is no answer for this question, he has seen many of his friends being taken away, but no one ever asked their permission. They also must have had questions like him. This was a known fact to him, Life is not immortal, it is going to get over sooner or later. But he never expected it to happen this soon. he remembered once johnny telling him the story of someone taking his cousin by mistake and dropping him home later.

Where has the darkness gone, how come there is a light. Now jack can see that he is sitting with some strangers. They are talking in some strange language. He never heard this language, may be Italian Mafia? No they are talking in english at times, their dialect is no where similar to Italian. Suddenly Someone Kicked Jack on his back. He can feel the power of the shot, moving his Disc. Jack tried crying loudly, his voice is not coming out. Those people are tearing his head and they are taking blood in glasses. Jack can feel his limbs getting light & darkness embracing him. He can't feel the pain anymore. Last thing he heard was "Cheers" and its all over. Now Jack knows why the gentleman was rushing. He bought him and now Jack will be staying in their intestines for them to attain Nirvana.

The life of Mr. Jack Daniel's is over here. A gentleman who lived as a king loosing his life in 25years. Yes This is the life span of a Jack Daniel's bottle. He was treated like a King for 25years and one fine day his life Ends. Still he is the King, King of all Whiskey's, Jack Daniels. born in Tennesey

For all Jack Daniel's lovers :P