Monday, June 22, 2009

Confessions of an Engaged Mind: Black Side of Kul

Had been talking to a friend & suddenly he came up to the marriage subject. Well he is going to get married, so he was trying to contradict about how expensive & sick marriage is.
For the live effect am putting the conversation down here;

Am putting some live dialogues here :
by kul
Kul:"is liye main shaadi bhi nahi kar raha tha "
Kul:"if i get one opportunity i will run away from anythign called marriage - i hates such binds"
Kul:"i really dont beleive I am going to spend lakhs on marriage
Kul: and become a bonded labourer"
Me: "i will love to see your wife shouting at u & hitting & making u sleep on the garden because of coming late "
Kul: "i know - on some days murders should be allowed, i will go mass murders and restart my life "
Kul: "like hindi i will kill myself, fake killing and change my name go to hawaii or some islands spand rest of my life without anybody bothering me"

Kul, hope u liked this & u won't be killing me. :D

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