Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day: Save Water

Water is the most valuable resource and the most passionately contested.Water is one among the five elements as per Hinduism.Water is a colorless, odourless liquid which is inevitable in this Universe. All living beings need water to live and sometimes Water causes Death too.

Today is World Water Day. Save water is a motto that we should make practical rather than saying it. Instead of wasting water by keeping the taps at your home/office/street open, remember to close them after use. But these are just basic things, What about polluting Rivers and Sea's? Why there is no plan to stop? There are many organizations who are fighting against pollution and still nothing happens. It is sad to see the natural resources being converted into the Waste Dump-yards. This is the case of Rivers all over our country.

These organizations have a limitations, what about we the people? Are we ever trying to do something to protect these River's? Whom should we blame for all this? We the human's, so called Sophisticated and Intelligent lot. Our experiments and greed for money are one reason, we are constructing new Sky Scrappers by filling the small rivers. I have seen this scene in places like cochin.

People are complaining about scarcity of water and many of them are paying/per litre of water they drink. How ironic it is, You have Water sources lakes, rivers, oceans, You Destroy those and later on You are paying for whatever you destroyed. Still no one realizes what they have done.

Sometimes the way this world is developing is scary. On the name of Development and luxury, we are forgetting about our nature and natural habitats. We are even suffering because of that, in different ways. Even nature had started showing its hate on us by natural disasters which is happening more often. The mother nature is hurt. We human's the most intelligent and sophisticated species is ignoring all this and living life as though nothing happened, i think this is one positive attitude of Human's, forget past and move forward.

Some Tips to Save Water:

Try to make yourself aware of Water and it's importance.
Stop wasting water in shooting Rain songs for Bollywood. Do that in a better way.
While constructing houses, try to use Rainwater storage & recycling it.
Stop constructing buildings by Filling water-sources.
Stop Polluting rivers and other water sources by dumping Waste.

One last word. Water is a natural resource, not a man made invention; Preserve it.