Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life was a bitch, I Tamed it!

A post after a long time. I took a break from blogging. Guess what, it wasn't intentional. Past some days i am going through a packed schedule, not getting time for anything. I will give partial credit to the hot weather too.

There are many blogs which are pending and most of them are travelogues. I want to post them,but not getting time for that. Now time management is something i want to learn. I am getting enough and more time to manage my official work, since it is all about my career and passion. The problem is personal life and activities such as blog.

Let us rewind my life 2 years back.
Location: Pune
Job: Careless easygoing party guy, a biker and a techie

A easy going guy who doesn't have any order in life. The only pain in my life was office, the weekly off's. We were a gang, 7 men gang in office. The work environment and nature of work put some restrictions on our life. There were very less chance of 7 of us getting off on the same day in a week. To compensate with this, we used to meet daily, Hang out daily. Drinking is not a good habit, drinking without a time set is a bigger problem. The nigh shift and sleeplessness made us start a new habit. Drink and sleep. We stopped it eventually, we changed it to play cricket after shift or go for a ride after the office and sleep. Saturday and Sunday were party days, meeting up with friends etc. Another activity was long rides on bikes. We were a biker gang, all biker freaks. IT was totally awesome life, but then career thoughts came in. Opportunity knocks and i accepts, have to leave Pune. Lands in chennai, the first threat announcement in flight "The Temperature outside is 34Degrees". The flight landed after 1am and i never expecting that amount of heat.


Location: Chennai
Schedule: work in nights, sleep in the morning, even it is hot.
No activity here, not much friends here, the only option was office, Entertainment, work, learning that became my life. Accepted the fact that this is the best option when the question is career. Accepts it, still keep going to pune in between to meet up with friends and enjoy. Time passed by, got promoted, made some very good friends in chennai.Then twitter invaded my life and things changed again. I became a total social animal. Started attending tweetup's(Twitter get togethers), met people and there number of friends started. Eventhough this place no where near to Pune regarding the weather and fun part, the friends made me feel good. Now got used to this place and life here.

Now you saw a small part of life and the changes which happened. Human's are so adaptable to change, sometimes selfish when it comes to their personal benefit. Being a human, i also did that while coming to chennai. But still me and all my friends meet. We meet mostly for all Newyear's or whenever all of us get leaves. Distance never becomes a challenge, if the friendship exists.

Life is something which changes. There is no way you can live a life at a constant speed. From the time we are born till whatever we are now, life takes many twist and turns. The point is we should accept those twists if it is good for us. We will have to sacrifice somethings for accepting the twist though. Now when someone asks, "How is life dude?" My answer is "Life is a Bitch, I tamed it".

If i can adjust, if i can accept the truth and doing so if i didn't loose anything other than growth in my life; i am right, i have tamed it. Taming it doesn't mean my life is set, there will be more challenges and these challenges are what makes me keep going. Without thrill, there won't be any fun...

I wrote this blog, because many people asked me about my google status message & how it happened. This is the reason for that status message. May be i am wrong or may be this is my destiny, but definitely everybody will be getting a opportunity which if used will turn good.This won't be acceptable to all, but this worked for me & this is the reason for the status update...

Every moment is precious, live it.


Lost Thoughts said...

Love the title of the post. And you are so right...as they say the only thing constant is change and thank God we humans are so adaptable :)

Anonymous said...

Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

sublimefeeling said...

One quality of urs that has to be appreciated is ur Hardwork.
Its good to know how adaptable you are to changes in life.
And there is still more to explore..!!
Good Luck n Best Wishes for ur Future..!!
Keep Smiling..:))

Anonymous said...

Thx ur share........................................