Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The God of Cricket on twitter, will he create record here?

Twitter is a place where you can see celebrities, media, High Profile people and even now Cricketers. This is a single place where you can see the live updates of these people. For a common man, this is sometimes too much a reason to use twitter. For media, this is a place to make news, infact the media collect feedback's from people in twitter. The influence of twitter is so much that, it is changing the way things used to work.Guess what, God joined twitter today, by God i mean "The God of Cricket", Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

A common man may be using twitter for either micro-blogging or may be for his small business or just for fun. A celebrity or a politician using twitter, they have to tweet carefully. Each statements they make here is going straight to the people. We have seen examples of these in the past months.

When twitter is having a negative effect at times, then why to use. This is the question you should know. What you have to tweet is important rather than whether you tweet or not. People follow or unfollow based on the tweets and kind of interaction.

Recently i have noticed many cricketer's on twitter. They have got plenty of people following them, today The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar joined twitter. Now how did i know it is real sachin, The person who introduced is Atulkasbekar the super lensman. But the account is not yet a verified account. Though nobody is sure whether it is real account or a PR account, the number of followers is increasing very fast. In an hour, more than 1000 people are following him & there is a high probability that this will become a trending topic in twitter and also on the media.

The people in twitter are happy seeing Sachin's twitter handle and profile, but none sure whether it is real sachin or someone else. The reason being the very first tweet of SRT said "Finally the original SRT is on twitter n the first thing I'd like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies" and people are damn sure that a person like SRT will never tweet like this, but since Kasbekar announced SRT's arrival on twitter and all the updates are being sent from a blackberry, it will be SRT only. The handle of God is "Sachin_rt" and this will be the most watched handle in coming days. Twitter is always in news and now it will be most watched, atleast in India. hope this is for good. :)

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