Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lost and Found

We knew since sometime, quite sometime. We know each other quite well, we are good friends, more than that. Some relationships can never be named. Yes that is what i wanted to convey.

Two friends who know each other since long time, but due to some reasons not able to be in constant touch. Now what is wrong with that? Nothing, we are the same like we were before. There is nothing like we need to be in constant touch all time.

Let me tell something about my friend, Knowing a person since longtime is awesome, especially when am able to predict what that person is going to do and am always able to spend sometime daily thinking about that person. A complicated, sweet, sophisticated innocent person. SO what is great about that, there will be lot of people like this, but why this person. Irrespective of difference in opinion and other things, we have never fought. We never got chance or may be that person was too sweet with me.

One thing i know is after every conversation of ours, we are happy, ateast i am.

Two different states, cultures, human minds who got some common things in mind and a unbreakable bond. That is what i think about it. We lost contact almost a year back and two days back we met online, we spoke. We spoke for long time, we spoke about different things, but never felt bored. I felt guilty for not keeping in touch because of unknown reasons.

Why am i writing about this?
Its simple, I writes about things in my heart and this one, am never able to understand. The positive part is understanding or patience to listen to each other. Two hard rock fans, who have similar thoughts, but trust me i love this person.
If i ever get a chance to do something for this person, i will be the luckiest to get that opportunity.

I have heard people talking about how they lost contact and how they lost their friends, but as per me, am lucky in this. I also know people trying to define relationships and come to a conclusion. May be we have never tried this or may be we never wanted to do so, but my experience: Not all relationships are to be named or defined. There are some relationships which are above friendship and it is better not to name them or not to find what they are. Just let those relationships as they are, because they are the purest.


sushma said...

hmm......good research!!ways who's that person..!?
to be precise who is *she*? ;-)

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Devils Back said...

kauwe kaun hai woh!!!!!!!!!!! I think I know after readin one particular line!!!

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