Monday, February 2, 2009


Hola What a day? After say many months, i woke  up early & came to office in the morning @ pam. That is something opposite to my schedule. Am never used to wake up  & come to office in the morning. Normally i work in nights, Today day looked Ok with things going smooth in office. 

After a hard & heavy weekend party...Back to work on monday without Monday  blues, that seems bombastic. Surprise visit by manager & usual work things & new things & meetings, Suddenly remebering about my old plan..

Well a year back, i started blogging. Wanna be an avid blogger, but nevaa used to get hang of it..My mind is a roaming servce, i do things & i won't follow them. The last & latest dropout was twitter, Started that on the time of Mumbai attack to get updates, but it seems interesting.

As usual my weekends in chennai are never good. I lost my weekend thrill leaving pune. Now for more than 6months, i just go out & meet friends just for the sake of socializing. Earlier used to go biking & travel lots...Here that is impossible..Not much options..

Well seems like monday is over @ 6pm & In another 2hrs my work wil start...Work is what entertains me in chennai..

Am gonna Blog soon on something better..about Hard Rock & next bangalore trip..

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