Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TII [This Is India]

Another day of work & sleep, That is a tuesday. Tuesdays are a little more better than sundays...For every bachelor after a particular age, their days get counted. The sad fact which make others realize that they are gonna loose their bachelorhood & need to become a family. The pressure is worse than that of a batsman who needs to take 12runs in 2 balls. Well there are no permanent solution for this other than snooking, just give some unusual reason & be away from your family. That too how long?

i fear how God managed this when he was a bachelor? He also might have suffered this. Need a new policy where there shouldn't be pressure from family members...

Enuff of bullshit...let us think about some thing serious? How many of us had spend the life in a well planned way & how many has enjoyed it like enjoying life, rather than spending their time fighting & earning & saving money & atlast getting screwed by tax people. WOW! March is coming...Time of tax payers too cry.

In a constitution like India where there is a system which doesn't have anything good for the comon man other than a "Chaltha hain" policy. Where a common man's life has no value when compared to an old building or a Tycoon's life. Things make me mad, don't wanna belive in this system.

I would like to go & live either in Amazon or in Estonia. I saw the pics of estonia from a friend of mine, beautiful small country with very less people. Building which have stories to say about their childhood. The place looks beautiful, somewhere near sweden. Hopefully there would be a better life.

Wednesday has  started & is coming with a good news of India winning the one day match against Srilanka, that too 3rd consecutive win in the series. WOW! Kudos to u guys...
Have a Nice Wednesday

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