Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Email is a Juice name?

Hey Blogger Friends,
In one of my recent visit to bangalore i went to a normal southinidan hotel. They were serving yummyy food, especially biriyani's. After having the main course my eyes went on to the juices & desserts. In the juices section i was able to find Computer, Internet, Osama etc & in Milkshakes email.
I was astonished, when asked to the waiter he told me that these are the names of Mocktails available.
After that in Desserts i was able to find "Spare Oil", which is again name of a dessert. I wanted to get a copy of the Menu card, but since it ain't possible i am writting it here.

The noght life scene of bangalore sucks now. No nightclub is permitting to dance due to some conspiracy. Most of them stopped & those which are working gets closed by 11:30pm. Now bangalore life just a memory when compared to some years back...

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