Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sunday Musings

Days & weeks are passing by, Hours flying, Every single minute is important, so are the decisions. What are those decisions?

Well, Being a man, a Bachelor who lives a not so planned life, am totally unaware of what to do in life other than my career. People often bring the most controversial discussions sometimes, but that sounds like a wastage of the youth. Why is responsibility sometimes a burden? Why is it that there is not much difference in everybody's life?

The thin air filled with dust & smoke & the dirty drains is a routine scene instead of meadows & beaches & sunsets. Sun & moon & the stars are more like a beautiful scene while compared to the closed walls, the computer screens, airconditioning & sophisticated people around running around for living.Evenings are never beautiful when u r working in evenings & mornings you don't see because you need to sleep.

My wishes, ambitions & thoughts are not in the same direction, but i wish it was. New friends, they are all around me, but in a virtual world. There is someone whom am i thinking about seriously these days. Friend or More than a friend, that is the person who got trust in me even without seeing the stranger on the other side of the window. I find that person as the best person whom i have been talking to in reality & sharing the smallest to largest happenings. What is that make us talking, discussing, sharing? The riddles in life are so complicated better stop thinking.

Random thoughts do come sometimes, like now, i never wakes up early on sundays, that too at 6am, then make a cup of tea, post a thought, this is aint what happens usual. This is kinda good Though.

Unforgettable pasts & old memories, Most unforgettable friends are there for every single person. Some are still unaswerable questions in life & i dont even give a damn try to answer tham, its better to let life run & we run with it & here i am living life like any other stupid common man.

Things to do:

Sending Good Morning Messages to Friends
Start my Tea drinking exercise.
Breakfast? err still need to think about this part.
Reading something useful (Trying to get used an old good habit which i lost)
Random things to do
Washing the junk & clothes
Cooking lunch

Oh! Holy Cow, THis never happened, am not writting this, Waking up early in a sunday can cause things like this....
Have a Happy Sunday with lots of smile


RoH said...

Cool post!!! Me likes me likes ;) :D btw, who izzz that person??? :D

Cute nemesis said...

well, tht person.. hain idar kahii.. samajhdaar ko ishaara kaafi hain :) :P