Friday, February 5, 2010

You are Never Alone, Twitter is always Alive

Long time since i have written something. I ain't writting because i am good in Literature, but it makes me feel that you can utilise the free resource. I was not much into social networking other than creating profiles on various sites and adding up known people, an alternate way for being in touch. The one thing which kick started networking for me is Twitter. I respect and love twitter for that fact. When compared to Orkut(which is used by most indian's) and it's sick communities, Twitter i am able to see many sane people. Here also there are Bots and "Can we be Frans"(which i heard from many friends) requests.

On twitter things are more real. Whoever i interact with has replied to me irrespective of who they are. The people whom i interact with daily, or on a regular basis are awesome. The kind of interaction between us and the Trust that develops in a period of time, that i haven't seen elsewhere. This is the positive side.I have spoke to most of my twitter friends, met many of them and the get togethers which is a good way to interact and make the bond strong.

Why Twitter is better than Others?
In other social networking sites, you interact online. you never know who is on the other end, there is nothing other than adding people, joining communities and yeah Stalkers.

Twitter on the other hand, you really interact. you got Twitter meet up's called, tweet Up's. You are interacting with your friend from Virtual world really.
Twitter people use for different purpose like business, pleasure, promoting etc
Twitter has become a strong Source of information for people and media.
Twitter has become a way to get feedbacks when it comes to any enterprises, a "Direct Dilse"  way.
Twitter is good for fighting about injustice, you are fighting for a cause, like minded people do support you.
Twitter is a place where you can even set Human Alarms. :)
Twitter you got Freedom to think and write what you thought infront of a Big Audience.
Twitter 140 words is a blessing in disguise, for a quick feedback.
Twitter is live and alive with people around everytime, you tweet something, you get atleast a reply.
Twitter is all about updating yourself and others about yourself, which inturn develops a community of people who are ready to interact.

Whatever i wrote here is what i feel, my thinking and my experience. Now what you think and why i wrote something like this, i really don't know. Please bear with me if this is boring, but as i said Freedom of speech or Freedom to express :)

My definition from my personal experience of using Twitter is "You are never alone, There is a 140 char reply waiting for you"

Tweet retweet  and Retweet...


NotFunnyNotFamous said...

Oh but we are never lonely! Twitter just breaks a few walls. :)

sanjaykaushik said...

Splendid- never realized these aspect of twitter- good :)

RoH said...

This is such a sweet post! I just loved the way you expressed it :) Shows that you really love twitter :D CoooooooooL B-)

Anonymous said...

cool blog,期待更新........................................

QuestionMarksAnwers said...

Hey, nice post...
U expressed almost many of my mind.. :)
Nice and Simple.

Anonymous said...

你的部落格很棒,我期待更新喔 ........................................